The Hidden Dangers of Mindfulness — Guest-post by Jessica Davidson

Not everything that happens on a meditation cushion “feels good.” I think this is important to point out to anyone considering meditative practices. For some people, particularly those with serious pre-existing psychological disorders, meditation is not appropriate. As an author who writes about meditation and its potential benefits, I think it is important to also look at the potential negative side effects. As this blog-repost from Jessica Davidson points out, meditation practice does not necessarily work the same for everyone, and those that are considering taking up a serious practice should be made aware of that fact. My personal recommendation to almost everyone who feels called to make meditation a regular part of their life is, if at all possible: find a qualified teacher and a support community to help you along your journey. I found the following article very helpful in articulating some of the possible dangers that can accompany unsupervised meditation practice and repost it here for your consideration.

Mindfulness is everywhere these days. With the number of books and apps and courses available you would think we had become a nation of bodhisattvas overnight. The positive effects of mindfulness are widely known and aggressively advertised, but the practice doesn’t work the same way for everyone, and it can actually make you feel worse. […]

via The Hidden Dangers of Mindfulness — Jessica Davidson

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