Kevin Page’s Mind/Body Fitness Blog Launches!

I have been studying meditation, sometimes called mindfulness practice, and other forms of consciousness training for over a dozen years at this point. And, as an actor and sometimes movie stunt person, I have been studying (and cultivating) my own physical fitness for more than four decades. Finally, as a writer, I have decided to combine these interests and try and offer my readers some practical guidance about how to maintain and/or improve the quality of their own overall fitness, both mental and physical, by combining a set of practices I have been cultivating in my own life. This is what I call “Mind/Body Fitness.”

The purpose of this blog is to share information from a wide variety of sources on the subject of mind/body fitness and hopefully help my readers start, maintain, and grow a practice of their own that will enrich (and possibly extend) their lives. Much of what I post here will be on the topic of meditation practice, how to start one and how to incorporate one into your daily life in a way that is healthful and sustainable. The hardest part of meditation for most people is getting started.

Regular daily meditation practice has transformed my life in significant ways as well as enhancing my physical training in ways that I never imagined possible (before I tried it). Meditation, along with a reasonably healthy diet and regular exercise, are the three components of a holistic lifestyle that most obviously support happiness and a sense of well-being. These three components are not only essential, but they are also interdependent, meaning you really need all three to function at your optimal capacity as a human being.

Going forward, you will find articles and book excerpts here that touch on various aspects of Mind/Body Fitness. Some will be practical, others will be informative even inspiring. The hope is to provide you some support and momentum for your own quest towards a happy and fulfilling life.

So, welcome to the Mind/Body Fitness Blog. I hope what you find here will be as useful in your own life as it has been in mine.

Kevin Page Head Shot -- largerAbout the Author. Kevin Page is an author and psychologist who writes about mindfulness meditation and other healthy mind/body training techniques. His Book, Advanced Consciousness Training for Actors (Routledge, 2018) teaches both stage and screen actors how to use various meditative arts to improve their abilities as performers. He has two other books on psychology scheduled for publication in 2018, Psychology for Actors (Routledge), and The Fourth Force: A Biography of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (SUNY Press). His article, The Genius of Meditation, was recently published as a feature for Mensa Bulletin (June 2017 issue), the official publication of American Mensa Association, with 55,000 monthly subscribers.

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